Services to Professionals

A great deal of our business involves supporting other professionals - accountants, financial advisers, fiduciaries and lawyers - to provide the best possible service to their clients. We work with other professionals in a way that suits their and their clients' needs, aims, ethos and, just as importantly, budget.

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Tax Consultancy and Advisory

UK Tax Consulting, as the firm's name suggests, was established as a tax consultancy and advisory firm in 2004. Since then, we have advised a very wide range of clients  on an equally wide range of issues, covering all of the major taxes and many of the minor ones too.

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Tax Dispute Resolution

We deal with all aspects of tax dispute resolution, HMRC enquiries and investigations, and we have a strong record in resolving seemingly intractable disputes on technical and commercial issues.



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Tax Planning

Tax laws change all the time with new legislation annually and new case law from Courts and Tribunals arriving almost daily, This means that it is absolutely essential that you keep your tax affairs under constant review in order to ensure that you are managing risks and taking advantage of all available opportunities.


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Private Clients

Dealing with HMRC becomes ever more difficult and stressful for private clients. Tax laws are becoming increasingly voluminous and complex as each year passes. We help our clients navigate the minefield of risks and chart their way through the opportunities that the tax code affords.


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Corporate Clients

Running a successful business is no easy feat at the best of times and ensuring that your company or group is compliant and tax-efficient is essential to maximise shareholder value. We help our clients ensure that full advantage is taken of all available reliefs and compliance risks are identified and resolved.

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Tax Compliance

We deal with all aspects of tax compliance, including tax return preparation and submission for individuals, companies, partnerships, trusts and estates as well as non-resident returns for landlords and those disposing of UK land and property.


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Offshore Structures

We have many years of experience in advising on, implementing and reviewing offshore structures.

John Kavanagh was instrumental in setting up a Trust company in Guernsey in the 1990s and has knowledge of many other jurisdictions.


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